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Jack’s Point Residents and Owners Association


Jack’s Point Residents and Owners Association

Jack's Point is a unique community set amongst 1,200ha (3,000 acres).  As a result your property at Jack’s Point differs to others in the Queenstown district in several ways. It is governed by the Jacks Point Resident Owners Association Incorporated (JPROA), or as it's referred to here, the Jack’s Point Residents and Owners Association or Residents’ Society.  As an owner, you are a voting member of the Residents’ Society and have an ownership in many of the communal facilities that make up Jack’s Point.

The communal facilities comprise of infrastructure assets: the road network, the water supply and wastewater systems, and communal amenities including the extensive reserves, farmed open space, walkways and trail network.

The Residents’ Society operates in a manner comparable to a local council and levies members for the cost of maintaining and operating the Society itself and the  communal facilities. The rules governing the Society, how it is set up and operates, are set out within the Constitution. The estimated levies are set out in the Statement of Levies.

Residents’ Society Levies

The Residents’ Society operates similar to council and levies members for its costs to manage and maintain the communal facilities and run the business of the Society.

Levies are set annually with the year running from 1 July to 30 June. Each year the Society will send you information on the next year’s levies and how they are made up. Details of the Society Levies are set out in the Statement of Levies and explanatory notes.    

Levies are invoiced quarterly in advance. Interest and penalties are charged on late payments. The Society has the ability to accept payment by Direct Debit (form), cheque or bank transfer.

Levy Invoice Dates:

1st Jan
1st April
1st July
1st Oct

Payment Due Dates:

20th February
20th May
20th August
20th November

Golf Course Maintenance Levies

The existence and ongoing maintenance of the golf course is an integral part of Jack's Point.  Golf Course Maintenance Levies are invoiced with your Residents’ Society levies but are passed directly onto the golf course.  

The Golf Course Maintenance Levies entitles Society members to access the Golf Course with the payment of either discounted green fees or an annual club membership subscription.  To take up golf access rights, members need to complete the Golf Access form and select whether they wish to play golf as a green fees player, taking advantage of the discounted green fees or become a member of the Golf Club (paying an annual subscription but no entrance fee).

Golf Club Membership Application and Golf Access forms can be downloaded here.

The Residents’ Society has secured the access rights via two Golf Course Encumbrances and Village Golf Deeds registered over the golf course land. The Golf Course Encumbrance and Deeds s, a copy of which is attached to the Constitution, provide Society members with, amongst other things, secure and ongoing rights of access to the golf course. The Golf Course Maintenance Levies are payable by Members of the Society whether or not they choose to access their golf rights.


Golf Course access

Members of the Residents’ Society have access to the golf course.  Access rights to the golf course vary for different property types; for most residential dwellings and vacant lots access is permitted for two adults and two children per property.

Society Members can choose to join the Golf Club for a zero entrance fee and payments of an annual subscription or to enjoy discounted green fees (day rates).  Whichever option you choose, to take up your golf rights please complete the Golf Access Form and return it to the Society.  Those who wish to join the Golf Club, please complete and return the Golf Club Membership Application: Golf Access Form and Golf Membership Forms

The Committee

The Residents’ Society is governed by an Area Committee comprising the following members: Mike Coburn (chairman), Jay Cameron, Steve McIsaac, David Wightman and Noel Kirkwood. Each Precinct is governed by a Precinct Committee. Residential Precinct Committee members are Mike Coburn (chairman), Steve McIsaac, Jason Bartlett and James Patterson. Southern Village Precinct Committee members are Mike Coburn (chairman), Jay Cameron and Don Fletcher.

JPROA AGM documents are available here.

Key Contacts

Residents Society and Design Review Board Administrator - Kezia Evans
Email: kezia@darbypartners.co.nz
Operations Manager - Steve Murch
Email: stevem@darbypartners.co.nz
Committee Chairman - Mike Coburn
Email: info@jackspoint.com
Residents Society contact number
Telephone 03 450 2052

Resident Information

For other resident information, including utilities and services, click here.

Also view the Residential FAQ.