Sales Process

Jack’s Point Residents and Owners Association

Property Sales Process

Jack's Point Residents and Owners Association

When you purchase your property at Jack's Point you need to become a member of the Society.  You will require the Society's consent for the membership to be transferred to you; prior to settling your Solicitor must contact the Society to confirm if the Society is in a position to consent to the transfer or if the current owner has any outstanding obligations.  

Items required by the JPROA before consent to transfer the Membership for a vacant lot include:

  1. The vendors account to be paid in full, including the current quarters levies for all lots under the vendor entity.

  2. The section to be in a tidy condition

  3. The Membership application form completed and returned by the Purchasers - online transfer form.

  4. Payment of the administration fee - details of this fee are noted at the bottom of the online transfer form.

Additional items required before consent to transfer the Membership for a house include:

  1. The Wastewater Maintenance Agreement completed by the Purchaser and returned to the JPROA

  2. A water meter reading (usually either an existing home or one under construction) will need to be supplied by the vendor the day prior to settlement and the related invoice paid. Vendors can either download Water Reading Form in order to request the additional reading or email a photo of the water meter through to the JPROA.

New owners who wish to access the golf course should complete the golf forms and return them to the Society.

When you come to sell your property at Jack’s Point, contact the Society to let them know so they can assist you with JPROA requirements. 

Arrange society approval for any signage on your site. Jack’s Point has quite specific requirements for real estate signs (which includes private sales),  and for use of the Jack’s Point brand. View real estate signage guidelines here.

The above is a guide only and refer you to the constitution and bylaws for a full detail of what is required before settlement occurs. 

Key Documents

  1. Real Estate Signage Guidelines

  2. Order a Water Reading

  3. Online Transfer Form (to be completed by the purchaser prior to settlement)

  4. Other Key Documents (see Residents Society)