Residents' Information

Jack’s Point Residents and Owners Association

Residents’ Information

Important dates

Residents’ Society Levies

Residents’ Society Levies are due 20th August, November, February and April.  Penalties for late payment are applied on the last day of the month in which payment is due.  Pay your levies by direct debit by completing the form:

The next AGM will be on 19 November 2019. 

Access to property information

Jack’s Point Residents and Owners Association property information Weblink form:

Buying and Selling

Membership of Jack’s Point Residents and Owners Association and consent to transfer information can be found here.

Renting your home

Renting your home long term is permitted at Jack's Point. Property Owners remain responsible for ensuring that tenants adhere to the bylaws and that both the property and landscaping are maintained, landlords will need to ensure that there is sufficient parking on the property for all related vehicles.

In the Residential precinct, visitor accommodation (less than 1 month) has the below parameters as the residential areas are primarily for residential use and visitor accommodation in the future is expected to be mostly provided in the village:

  1. You many rent your property for a total of up to 90 days in any calendar year.

  2. You are responsible for obtaining any council consent needed.

  3. You require dispensation to use a management agency other than the rental agency or market the property yourself.

  4. Jack’s Point is a registered trademark so if you wish to use this in any advertising, you will need to keep within the brand guidelines and get the approval of the trademark owner.

Mail delivery

NZ Post does not deliver mail to homes at Jack’s Point. There is no specific post code for Jack’s Point.

You can establish a post office box at the Wakatipu Post Office (Frankton). This is currently a free service for Jack's Point residents with proof of address.

Fibre optic

Some residential areas of Jack’s Point are wired for fibre optic telecommunication. These areas are The North Terraces and Peregrine Ridge, The Highlands South, Coneburn Ridge from Big Valley Drive and all areas north plus some areas of the Preserve. Fibre connections are confirmed for the Village precincts.

Rubbish collection

Rubbish and recycling are collected first thing on Fridays mornings. Bins are permitted to be put out on Thursday and need to be brought in on or before Sunday. 

Please contact QLDC with any queries regarding your rubbish or recycling bins.

If you need bins putting out or collecting whilst on holiday, please contact kezia@darbypartners.co.nz.

Boat and caravan/motor homes

Boats and Caravans are required, under the Bylaws, to be parked in a garage.


Please see the section Building a Home at Jack's Point.

Operation of commercial businesses

If you do want to operate a commercial business from a property in the Residential Precinct you will need the permission of the Residents Society.  Until space in the Village is available, generally this will be given where:

  • the operation of the business is unlikely to disturb or inconvenience neighbours (you might need to get your neighbours consent).

  • the business operation is unlikely to breach the Constitution or any bylaw.

  • the business operation has minimal impact in terms of signage, lighting, parking or traffic.

  • all commercial signage has been approved by the Residents’ Society.


Find more residential answers here.


Contractor Services

Please note that the following contractor details are provided for residents information but cannot be taken as a JPROA recommendation.

To arrange for vacant lots to be cut:
Email: leeanne.cahill@thinkdelta.co.nz
Phone: Brett - 027 434 7909

The Groundsmen
Email: peter.nicolson@xtra.co.nz
Phone 027 441 3003

Tom Bamber
Email: info@qtproperty.co.nz
Phone: 021 714 111

For garden maintenance: 
Tom Bamber
Email: info@qtproperty.co.nz
Phone: 021 714 111

Maintain Me Ltd
Email: maintainmeqt@gmail.com  
Phone: 022 185 5140

Queenstown Garden Company
Email: queenstowngardencompany@gmail.com  
Phone: 020 4057 4060

The Groundsmen
Email: peter.nicolson@xtra.co.nz
Phone 027 441 3003

For cedar maintenance: 
Clayton Gibson Concepts
Email: claytongibsonconcepts@xtra.co.nz
Phone: 021 684134

Southern Lakes Cedar
Email: patrick@southernlakescedar.com 
Phone: 027 2718059

Spider spraying: 
Alpine Spider Solutions
Email: alpinespiderandfly@yahoo.com
Phone: 021 321911