Residential FAQ

Jack’s Point Residents and Owners Association

Residential FAQ


1. What is the Residents Society?

Jack's Point is a private community that is operated by the Jack’s Point Residents and Owners Association Incorporated (JPROA), also known as the Residents’ Society. The Society manages the infrastructure such as water, roading, waste water system and 100ha+ of land is owned by the JPROA. 

2. What are the Residents’ Society Levies?

As a section owner you are a member of the Residents’ Society and are required to pay quarterly levies.  The Levies are used to maintain the assets as mentioned above. Levies are circa $3,500 p.a. (this includes the golf levy and GST, utilities are excluded ), please note that levies do vary according to section size and location of the property.  

3. Do I also pay council rates?

Properties at Jack's Point are charged a reduced Council rates (e.g. council roads, governance, rubbish collection, libraries and swimming pool etc).  However the Queenstown Lakes District Council does not charge Jack's Point property owners for potable water, wastewater or storm water.

3. Is there fibre optic at Jack’s Point?

Many residential areas of Jack’s Point are serviced by fibre optic telecommunications network. These are The North Terrace and Peregrine Ridge comprising of all streets off of Morrison Drive, The Highlands South comprising of Jack’s Point Rise (and the side streets), Coneburn Ridge comprising of Double Cone Road from Big Valley Drive and North and parts of the Preserve. Contact the Society if you are unsure if your property is in one of these areas.

4. Is water / waste metered? 

The Residents’ Society provides potable water at Jack’s Point through its wholly owned subsidiary Coneburn Water Supply Company. Water charges are metered and invoiced quarterly, wastewater charges apply in the Residential Precinct and are assessed and invoiced quarterly

5. Are there any special requirements I need to meet before I build?

  • Yes, you will need Jack's Point Design Review Board approval before you build. Jack’s Point has a series of Design Guidelines to protect and enhance the value of your property. The Jack’s point Design Guidelines are created to support development in a co-ordinated manner in keeping with the vision of treading lightly on the land and with absolute commitment to this extraordinary landscape.

  • This is not intended to cover all issues and potential purchasers need to complete their own due diligence to satisfy themselves. While every attempt has been made to ensure that the information contained here is correct, the Society will accept no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions contained in this document.



Important residential information and design guidelines to know before your build.

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NOTE: The Residents’ Society Bylaws are subject to change.