The ingredients for a diverse and vibrant community.


Village Precincts

Visitor accommodation, mixed use, and residential are the ingredients for a diverse and vibrant community. Jack's Point Village mixes residents with visitors, creating a genuine local experience. Equally, the built fabric of Village creates and supports diversity, with a blend of homes, offices, retail, cafés, and hotels.

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Sean Ward
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Judith Manalad
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Shirley Takahashi
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Alongside the waterfront lodgings, boathouses will provide residential living, connected by boardwalks, parallel to cafés and retail shopping. From the lakeside Village green and further back into the Village, a mix of visitor accommodation, commercial space and apartment living will create a vibrant interactive space for residents and visitors. Building height is limited, with most developments expected to be two or three levels. The design guidelines provide more detail on how to get the most value from each Village site.


Three Precincts


Waterfront Precinct

Village Lodging / Visitor Accommodation

The lodging properties to be developed in the Village will be better appointed and more modern than virtually all competing supply in the Queenstown area. Such product will likely appeal not only to visitors seeking standard lodging arrangements, but to investors and part-time residents seeking income-generating investments. The base-case strategy is to develop approximately 500+ hotel rooms and serviced apartments. The development and delivery of product will take place in three stages lasting approximately five years in total. 

As a base case, the Jack’s Point Village lodging will be comprised of:

  • Over 500+ total hotel rooms and serviced apartments representing a range of building typologies and product classes. These will range from traditional, central-lobby hotels to less-centralised serviced apartments;

  • Approximately 25,000m² of room area (inclusive of circulation) and 7,000m² of ground floor commercial space;

  • Total land area of approximately 2.1 hectares

Separate and distinct from the development of lodging property, development of commercial/retail space, mixed-use and residential will take place simultaneously in the Village.

Commercial / Retail Space

The anticipated lodging development will result in the construction of approximately 6,200m² of ground-floor commercial and retail space. The base-case model assumes that such space will be divested to investors or owner-occupiers. 

Mixed-use Precinct

Mixed-use Commercial and Residential

  • 75 mixed-use lots of 300m² over 2.25 ha of developable area

  • 225 total mixed use unit titles averaging 200m²

  • Building heights ranging from two to four stories

  • Approximately 34,000m² of upper storey area suitable for residential and lodging, and 14,930m² of ground floor space suitable for office retail


Residential Precinct

Residential Living

  • 181 residential lots over 4.8 ha of developable area

  • Village lots will be suitable for single family detached dwellings, townhouses or terraced housing