Tread lightly - Only 5% of this vast area will be built upon

Jack's Point is a 1200 hectare (3000 acre) settlement in one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world - on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, just 15 minutes from Queenstown, New Zealand. Over 15 years in the planning, Jack's Point will feature over 1300 residential homes, a lakeside village with accommodation, restaurants and shops, a luxury lodge, alongside the highly acclaimed championship golf course, and over 35 kms of hiking, biking and equestrian trails.

What sets Jack's Point apart is the absolute commitment to the landscape - only 5% of this vast area will be built upon - but also the acknowledgment of the importance of that environment in every aspect of our lives. Jack's Point is 5% settlement, 95% preserve and 100% life.

Seen from a distance, the first impression of Jack's Point is space, green and gold tussock grassland, massive areas of native vegetation and an undisturbed lake-front. In all, over 800 hectares has been incorporated into 'the Preserve'. This also includes an extensive restored wetland, native songbird habitat, working farm and golf course. All is linked seamlessly, via a network of trails, into the homesites and new village.

Towards the Remarkables there are several distinct, close-knit neighbourhoods overlooking the central lake and village area.  Moving west uphill is 'The Ridge', a future luxury eco-lodge site overlooking both the village area and the expanse of Lake Wakatipu and mountains beyond, and dotted within the Preserve are 36 of the most beautiful home-sites with commanding views to the north and west. 

At Jack’s Point the master planning philosophy is to tread lightly, carefully integrating a new community and activities into the land, with no disturbance to its intrinsic values.
— Master Planner, John Darby, Jack's Point

A covenant means the rugged, dramatic and open nature of the grassland and mountain landscape that make up Jack's Point, on the elbow of Lake Wakatipu and at the foot of the Remarkables, will remain forever protected from development. 

Jack's Point is a working farm, managed by resident farmer James Patterson. It is part of the original Remarkables Station established by William Rees at the time of first European settlement of the South Island and has been farmed by the Jardine family for four generations. Sheep will graze near the very heart of a sophisticated village, in some cases cropping the rough of the internationally renowned championship golf course.  

Only five per cent of Jack's Point's 3000 acres will be built on; the remainder will be kept unspoiled for future generations.

Jack's Point is 15 minutes by car, about the same by boat, from Queenstown.  Queenstown, in Central Otago, is one of the most popular destinations not only for Kiwis holiday-makers but for international travellers -  people who like to get out there and do things.

A community of some 5,000 people will take shape at Jack's Point, with local, national and international residents and visitors. It will serve Queenstown even as it provides a contrast and a complement to Queenstown. It will have a resort component, but also a home quality and many distinctive neighbourhoods each with their own character and appeal. The future Jack's Point Village, at the heart of it all, will embrace a full spectrum of ages, origins, interests, incomes and activities, and it is designed to operate sustainably.

Nature at Jack's Point is fundamentally raw and unspoiled. The area's appeal lies in its natural beauty, activities and lifestyle.

Real and sustainable

While close to Queenstown Jack's Point is a distinctly different place with its own character, pulse and personality. It is growing sustainably from the ground up, literally rising upon and being built using the stones that underlie the valley. Jack's Point will live sustainably - economically, socially and environmentally - within a small carbon footprint.

At Jack's, natural resources are harnessed and used judiciously. Jack's Point has its own water supply and waste water systems.

At the same time as Jack's Point grows as a 'real' town, the primary home of hundreds of families, it will grow as an international resort community. It has become a sought-after destination for people looking for genuine experiences in a genuinely beautiful unspoiled place

Raw nature and open access are intrinsic aspects of this community. Jack's Point will achieve its ultimate form and character in a natural, rather than tightly controlled, manner. Some key elements of the community will be allowed to shape themselves naturally, over time, much as traditional European villages have. From any given place at Jacks Point you can walk to any other: around the lake, along the golf course, through the village, onto the tracks, up into the mountains, into the farm.

Building community

Everyone at Jack's Point is encouraged to take both real and emotional ownership within the project, contributing unique elements to the whole. Homeowners, guests and workers will not only contribute to the success of this community, but they will do so as decision makers and vision keepers.  

At the heart of Jack's is the planned Village, located in a naturally sheltered bowl. It is a protected microclimate, a 'sun trap', and all the buildings, roads and features of the Village have been positioned with an eye to this climate and to take maximum advantage of its sunny northern exposure.  A mountain tarn initially sat within this natural gathering place and has been replaced by a 10-acre lake fed by lake Wakatipu. The layout of the Village and residential neighbourhoods is designed to work with the contours of the land, while providing each place with its own clear purpose.

The strength of Jack's Point as a thriving community is grounded in part upon the realisation of a carefully considered development masterplan. Hand in hand with this development masterplan has gone an operational masterplan that seeks to ensure that the vision of how Jack's Point lives is made possible both in what people build and what people do.

Drawing inspiration from the land

At Jack's Point the mountainous landscape formed by the faulting and folding of hundred-million-year-old rock under such tectonic forces that many of the rock faces are jagged, torn and near vertical, rolling hills, tussock grasses and clear waters of Lake Wakatipu provide the inspiration for the built environment. 

An exceptional landscape like Jack's deserves exceptional architecture so some of the best local architects have been searched out and tasked with delivering bold, simple structures that reflect and blend with the natural surroundings.

Jack's Point achieves a pinnacle of luxury in New Zealand, not by piling things onto the land, but by revealing the treasures of the land.

About the developers

Jack's Point was conceived and has been nurtured for over 15 years by the international master-planning practice, Darby Partners Limited.  Darby Partners has engaged the finest architects, designers, and resort developers in the world to ensure that Jack’s Point will become a real community embraced by both the local and global community.

Darby Partners

Darby Partners Limited is a multi-disciplinary development planning, design and project management practice. The New Zealand-based firm has extensive national and international experience with prestigious property development and resort projects.

John Darby is Darby Partners' principal and has been involved in property projects for over 20 years as both an investor and consultant. John is a registered landscape architect and Harvard trained golf course architect and resort planner. He is the prime mover behind Jack's Point, and the Jack's Point Golf Course is the 6th he has designed - including neighbouring Millbrook, and The Hills in Queenstown (co-host to the BMW ISPS Hand New Zealand Open).

John Darby and Darby Partners have been responsible for a number of celebrated and award-winning projects. These include: Denerau Island Resort in Fiji, Clearwater Resort near Christchurch and Wyuna Station near Glenorchy (head of Lake Wakatipu), and closer to home the Steamer Wharf Village in Queenstown, Amisfield Winery and Millbrook Resort.