Form and Function

A foundation for the Village.

Village Form and function

While few people will stop and marvel at what lies beneath the Village, the infrastructure creates a platform for innovative and exciting architecture, a place to call home, a place to work, a place to visit and enjoy. 

Infrastructure and services for the Village create the foundation for the most innovative urban development in New Zealand. Built on the Jack's Point philosophy to tread lightly, this environment is a core component of any investment. Water treatment for example, protects the lake for the enjoyment of everyone. Limiting vehicle traffic in the Village centre keeps the lake free of run-off from oil-based pollutants. Stormwater systems also channel water run-off away from the lake into naturally filtered streams for naturally filtered processing, before being returned as land irrigation and similar water intensive operations. 

Phyllis Eckart
Sean Ward
Judith Martinez
Nicole Long

Jack's Point is capable of being 100% self-sufficient in electricity consumption, with opportunities to generate its own fully renewable hydro power nearby.

Connectivity is key to the future of work, and Jack's Point is leading New Zealand on this front. Fibre optic sets up the Village for fully wireless high-speed internet connections to businesses, residents and visitors. 

Above ground, the Village is set out in pedestrian-friendly streets and laneways in a thoughtful framework to blend residential and commercial mixed use. Open spaces in and around the built environment are designed to provide maximum views, sun and shelter.

Jack's Point Village is the future in urban design.