A direct response to the surrounding mountain views.

Design Thinking

We encourage an honest palette of enduring textures and materials that sit easily in the landscape. This is part of the design thinking that extends to every aspect of the Village. Local materials, tactile surfaces and colour sympathetic to the landscape are essentials parts of the Village design. Architects are encouraged explore ideas outside the conventional urban design thinking, while building on the this unique environment. Within the Village, one thing you won't find is rows of identical building facades. Diversity in design thinking is encouraged.

Judith Martinez
Judith Manalad
Sara Manalad
Sean Ward
Janet Smith
Louis Hernandez
Robert Takahashi
Bonnie Torres
Nicole Long
Shirley Gonzalez
Shirley Takahashi

Village Design

An integrated approach to architecture and landscape

An integrated approach to architecture and landscape


The layout of the Village is a direct response to the importance of the surrounding mountain views. The entry/exit roading, buildings and public spaces will be orientated to take advantage of these vistas.

The Village is orintated for optimal sun, shelter and views

The Village is orintated for optimal sun, shelter and views

The Village will have an integrated approach to architecture and landscape. This will be achieved through the creation of treed streetscapes and public spaces with high levels of public amenity. The Village will include a series of integrated public spaces providing a high degree of appeal, amenity, and usability while supporting  for a wide range of experiences. 

The Village Square is contained by buildings on three sides. The northern side is a cobbled public space, which terraces down to the lake inlet. From the Village Square, north along the lakefront, hand-crafted timber boardwalks connect to the trail network beyond. From the Village Square, south along the lakefront, the boardwalks connects to the Golf Course and trail network.

The Village square is designed with pedestrians in mind and orientated to create a warm sheltered environment for people to congregate around cafes and retail areas. The side roads and laneways are off centre, providing generous north facing spaces for people interaction.

The pedestrian network incorporates best practice urban design principles and provides a number of exclusive linkages for pedestrians. The design incorporates an intimate village environment where pedestrian movement is encouraged by giving it a high priority.

Where the vehicular circulation network and pedestrian network meet, seperate footpaths for pedestrians are provided. On the higher volume main street, these sidewalks are oversized to a generous 4m–5m. In this environment, traffic movement is intended to be calmed by narrow one-way carriageway, with raised cobbled thresholds providing a clear signal of pedestrian dominance in high volume pedestrian areas.